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Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums
Formal Education:
 Barry University Graduate
All Levels and all ages welcome.

Private or group lessons From hobby to professional
Experience: 17yrs
 Available upon request.

 Broward county/South Palm Beach

For more info about lessons and session work, please contact me at:



1) I will show you all the guitar chords and scales you need to know to play rhythm and solo like a BEAST. Plus…how to use them.

2) I will show you what the modes and show you how to use them.

3) I will create a personalized plan for YOU to get you up and playing FAST.

4) I will show you song structure and how to write and create your own songs.

5) I will show you how to harmonize chords and rhythm parts to make your parts stick out like they were supposed to.

6) Application and Integration. This means using the what you learn in your own writing and compositions.

7) You will become a much better player than you have ever been simply by being exposed to this material.


I am now offering music production services, and band consulting. My band consulting services are different from anyone else in the industry.

I do not make grandiose promises about music stardom. What I do is teach musicians how to do for themselves with practical and tested advice. I can teach you how to get on the radio, how to get press, sell more merch, draw more people to shows, and much more.

I offer the first consultation for free, you really have nothing to lose. I look forward to serving you and helping you live your dream. I will meet with you in person if you are in the South Florida area. If not, I can do consultations over the phone.

For More information on producing, recording, and band consulting please email me at

Session Work

I am also available for session work (guitar/bass/keys) for your recordings, songwriting workshops, and gigs. For more Info email me at


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